The Institute

The Institute is results-oriented, heavily supported with advanced education. It provides a variety of courses and workshops to choose from, participants can expect to work hard, but also learn important concepts through real-life experience. The goal of The Institute is to embody the principles of health that make a difference in the pursuit of attaining specific goals.

Upcoming Seminar:

Nutrition 101 | Mastering the Basics

Date: May 16, 2019

Location: Real Active Wellness | Ford Center

Time: 5:30-7pm

Regisration: please register ahead of time with link above




Recent Seminars:

Improving Body Composition with Detoxification and Nutrition Strategies

Date: April 18, 2019

Location: Real Active Wellness | Ford Center

Time: 5:30-7pm

Regisration: please register ahead of time with link above


Courses offered:

Weight Loss for Women

StrongMan Camp

StrongWoman Camp

Flexibility for Adults

Flexibility for Runners

Athlete Development (ideal for ages 13-22)

Health Restoration


What to expect:

Each course is directed with detail from beginning to end. The courses are designed to be affordable, yet offer the comprehensiveness that is hard to find anywhere else. Value, in other words, is what you'll experience. 

-Manuals/curriculum for continued education and a table-side resource

-Meeting with the same group for a period of time to provide the best possible environment for learning and doing

-Progress is measured

-100% money back guarantee 



For the available listing with start times/dates/etc. please email us:

For Health Care Providers (personal trainers, nutritionists, body workers, physical therapists, doctors, strength coaches, et.)


Workshops Offered:

Cost for all workshops: $199 (CEU's are generally approved by most major certifiying agencies such as NSCA, NASM, etc.)

Manuals are provided for all workshops.

All workshops are 9am-3pm. 3-4 is open for questions, refining skills, social, etc.

-Mobility: the Workshop |  Effectively and safely enhancing Joint Mobility with a variety of techniques.

-Kettlebell: Level 1 | Learning the most fundamental and forgotten tools to enhance overall strength efficiently and safely. Students will deeply understand the fundamentals of the Swing, Getup, Clean, Overhead Press, Front Squat, and Snatch. This course is for all fitness levels, but will challenge your fitness regardless.

-Kettlebell Level 2: (prerequisite Level 1) | Students will learn the Pistol Squat, Pullup, Push-Press, Jerk-Press, and Windmill. A variety of additional exercises will be included to improve skill, mobility, and strength. 




420 N. 5th St

Fitness Suite, the Ford Center

Minneapolis, MN 55401

701 N Washington Ave.

Fitness Suite, Loose-Wiles

Minneapolis, MN 55401

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