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Corporate Wellness

We provide a truly unique service for corporations of all sizes. With technology today, there is no account too small or too big. Quite simply, we are teachers of wellness. 


We build every program from scratch. This is the only way to be sure the client is getting exactly what they want.  We take great pride in undertanding our client's desires and expectations. We don't sell a product; we sell a customized experience. 


Identify a need. Cultivate ideas. Build and experience. Deliver precisely.


Curious about pricing and options? Please contact us!

Corporwate Wellness Programs may include:

Company wide wellness "Challenges"

Lunch and Learns

Hands-on exercise and rehabilitiation workshops


Here's a look at some challenges we've built:


Examples of presentations provided for corporate wellness companies:

-The Super Six

-Resolving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-Yoga for Beginners

-Breathing patterns and Influence on Health

-Nutrition 101

-Weight Loss from A to Z

-An Introduction to Meditation

-Effective Exercise Programming

-Simple Health Meals


-Diets and Cleanses

-Posture: common distortions and corrections

-Ergonomics in the workplace


-Stretching and Flexibility

-Spine health and mobility

-Hip and Shoulder Function

-Gluten and Dairy-Free Approaches

-Sleep Hygeine

-Pain and Joint Discomfort 

-Eating out; healthfully

-Proteins, Fat, and Carbs

-Core Strength

-Flatten Your Abs Forever

-Skin Health

-Healthy Breakfasts

-Digestive Health

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