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R.A.W. is dedicated to moving people forward. We take our job seriously. We work diligently to deliver a service that not only makes people feel great, but also provides measurable improvements. Whether it be about body composition, health, injury rehabilitation, or improvements in lab data, we are driven to move people in the right direction swiftly and safely.


Trust is the center of it all. The  direction we provide is principle-driven. We don't recommend based on trend. We recommend based on what works, time and time again.


Services: A variety of services are offered.


Personal Training | Small Group Training | Nutrition & Lifestyle Consulting | Injury Rehabilitation | Public Speaking

Most Purchased Services:

Personal Training:      $119

Partner Training:        $69ea

Small Group (3+):       $42ea

Nutrition Consult:       $199

Comprehensive BIA:   $199

BIA:                               $45


"Likely the most expensive trainer I've worked with, certainly the best value." M.H. Minneapolis, MN

Founder, Owner

Founder & CEO

Todd Stebleton CCN, CPT

Todd Stebleton is a Nationally Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a specialist in Human Movement. His skill-sets allow him to work with a variety of clientelle. From professionally athletes to weekend warriors, and weight loss to disease management, Todd has and continues to grow a broad skill set to improve function and performance. He is an author, presenter, educator. First and foremost, he is a personal trainer and personal health coach. 


Todd has taught over 1,000 hours to health care pracitioners across the country over the past 10 years in the fields of exercise science and nutrition. He has been called "the trainer's trainer." He is motivated to continue his learning and he is dedicated to at least 100 hours of additional courses and workshops every year since 2000. He considers himself a student, then a teacher.


Bachelor Degree: Concordia College, Moorhead MN: Exercise Science, Nutrition and Dietetics

CCN: Nationally Certified Clinical Nutritionist

NASM-PES: National Academy of Sports Medicine, Performance Enhancement Specialist

AK: Certified Applied Kinesiologist, Master Instructor

ELDOA: Level 2

RKC: Level 2


WKC: World Kettlebell Club

FLT-LE: FirstLine Therapist: Lifestyle Educator

CBE: Natural Childbirth Educator; The Bradley Birth Method

C.H.E.K.: Level 2 Practitioner

HLC: Holistic Lifestyle Coach: Level 2 Practitioner

ACE-CPT: American Council on Exercise

AIS: Activate Isolated Stretching Therapist

AK: Applied Kinesiologist (Instructor)


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420 N 5th St.
Fitness Suite | The Ford Center
Minneapolis, MN 55401


701 N Washington Ave.
Fitness Suite | Loose-Wiles bldg
Minneapolis, MN 55401


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